What makes Vanilla different?

We're glad you asked. Overall, there are two big differences between us and other firms:

First, we’re 100% focused on small businesses. We offer a limited range of services that are especially designed for bootstrappers and small companies, and our main focus is helping people improve their everyday accounting operations.

Second, we’re an online firm. That means we primarily use and recommend cloud-based accounting systems, and we do 90% of our work virtually.

How much do your services cost?

That’s a tricky question because we don’t bill by the hour. Instead, we take a close at each project up front, figure out what makes sense for that specific situation, and then provide a proposal with a fixed price for our services. 

In most cases, we can handle a business’ complete accounting needs better, faster, and cheaper than they can themselves. If you’d like to see what we can do for you and how much it will cost, we suggest that you request a free accounting evaluation or contact us for a proposal.

Do you work on desktop systems, cloud-based systems, or both?

Both, but we strongly prefer cloud-based systems. We grew up on QuickBooks and we’re still very comfortable in the desktop world, but we officially moved to the cloud in 2015 and we now strongly recommend the cloud ecosystem to all our customers. If you want to know why, click here.

Do you require any contracts or commitments?

No, we don’t. Although we generally ask our customers to sign a proposal up front and charge on a monthly basis for our services, we don’t use contracts and you're free to discontinue working with us at any time.